• Guolei Liu, Yujie Wang, Rongyuan Heng, Xinyan Li, Ximeng Sun, Zhonglin Li, Yunfeng Zeng, Haiping Zheng and Chenwei Fu join the lab-Welcome! (Oct 2021)
  • Our paper “Droplet-based microfluidic screening and sorting of microalgal populations for strain engineering applications” appears in Algal Research. (June 2021)
  • Congratulations to the newest graduate of the Yu Lab. Yipeng Qin and Jingjing Zhang, who defended their dissertations! Well done. (May 2021)
  • A review focusing on droplet microfluidics, microbiology, and wastewater-based epidemiology has been accepted by TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry. Congrats, Yangteng, Shixiang, and Dr. Jing Zhang! (May 2021)
  • Beautiful work entitled " A new design for living cell-based biosensors: microgels with a selectively permeable shell that can harbor bacterial species" is now online in Sensors Actuators B-Chem. Thanks to our great collaborator Dr. Chi Hu. (May 2021)
  • Our review “Emerging Applications of 3D Printing in Biomanufacturing” with Prof. Fengxue Xin and Prof. Min Jiang is out in Trends in Biotechnology! (Apr 2021)
  • Interesting work is now published in Journal of Materials Chemistry B: “Microfluidic spinning-induced heterotypic bead-on-string fibers for dual-cargo release and wound healing”. Thanks to our great collaborator Prof. Su Chen. (Mar 2021)
  • Featured as the front cover! Congratulations on the achievements by Jingjing Zhang, Yipeng Qin, Yangteng Ou, Huiling Wen, and Dr. Jing Zhang, whose work has published in Small entitled "Photonic plasticines with uniform structural colors, high processability, and self-healing propertie". (Feb 2021) 
  • Congratulations to Bao Tang on his publication in Angewandte Chemie International Edition, in which he offered technical support of 3D printing method. (Feb 2021)

  • Prof. Ziyi Yu and Dr. Jing Zhang gave invited talks at the Youth Forum on Functional Soft Materials at the Southern University of Science and Technology. (Dec 2019)
  • Congratulations to Huilin Wen on the publication of her collaboration work “Displacement induced off–on fluorescent biosensor targeting IDO1 activity in live cells” in Analytical chemistry. (Nov 2019)
  • Dr. Jing Zhang has published his work in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, entitled “Spherical colloidal photonic crystals with selected lattice plane exposure and enhanced color saturation for dynamic optical displays”. Congratulations! (Oct 2019)
  • Prof. Ziyi Yu gave a keynote talk at the China-Germany Workshop of CN-DE Workshop “Biotechnology and Biomaterials / Functional Materials“ at the Reutlingen University, Germany. (Oct 2019)
  • Interesting work is now published in Materials Horizons: “Bioinspired hydrogel microfibres colour-encoded with colloidal crystals”. (Jun 2019)
  • Wei Cheng, Yuan Li, Minghui Li, and Bao Tang join the lab – Welcome! (Sep 2019)